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Jordan Galland


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Jordan Galland’s encyclopedic memory for classic films has proven useful in the past few years, as a musician, writer and director. His feature film, Alter Egos, a comedic alternate reality in which superheroes are real but have lost all public support and government funding, is now available on Demand and DVD after a successful theatrical run, his latest film score for the independent feature Supporting Characters is out now and Galland’s fourth solo EP, Wind-Up Rabbit, is available via iTunes.


After two years of throwing his musical efforts into soundtracks (Supporting Characters), scores (The Neistat Brothers Original HBO Series) and music videos (like this one for The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger), Jordan Galland is back with his latest EP, Wind-Up Rabbit.

The six track EP builds on the cinematic sound of Galland’s three previous albums – think John Hughes meets John Waters. Galland’s lyrics attack an urban identity of crisis of sorts, while musically Wind Up Rabbit is equal parts spooky and sweet. Produced by Charlie Klarsfeld.

Also out this year is the original score for Galland’s film, Alter Egos. Working with longtime friend and collaborator Sean Lennon, Galland combined his experience in both cinema and music, advising Lennon on 24 original tracks for the film. The pair has previously collaborated on a handful of projects, including Galland’s former band, Dopo Yume, for which Sean occasionally moonlighted on guitar.

To date, Galland has released three solo albums in as many years – Airbrush (2009), Search Party (2010) and To The Top (2011), with Wind Up Rabbit on the way. Inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, The Talking Heads and Duran Duran, To The Top includes five tracks and one killer (literally: killer) music video.

To The Top from Jordan Galland on Vimeo.


Galland’s second feature film, Alter Egos is set in a version of our world in which super heroes are real but have recently lost government funding and public support. They ask to use your internet; they fight with their girlfriends; they’re forced to create superhero identities out of little more than some spandex and a super power. Out of that setting comes a quirky comedy about an underappreciated superhero who needs to be saved from his own emotional crisis, and the girl who helps him do it.

Written and directed by Jordan Galland; starring Kris Lemche, Brooke Nevin, Joey Kern, Christine Evangelista with John Ventimiglia and Danny Masterson. Music by Sean Lennon.

ALTER EGOS Theatrical Trailer from Jordan Galland on Vimeo.


Jordan Galland’s 11 track instrumental score for independent comedy Supporting Characters hit screens for the film’s Spring 2013 theatrical release.

Written and Directed by Daniel Schechter, Supporting Characters stars Girls’ Alex Karpovsky and Tarik Lowe as a film editing a film editing duo hired to rework a movie in crisis, only to find themselves increasingly consumed with reworking their own personal lives. Galland’s score mirrors the characters’ quirks and relationship missteps, drawing inspiration from Little Miss Sunshine, Devotchka and New York City itself.

In addition to eight original tracks, the Supporting Characters score also includes instrumental versions of songs Galland previously released on his own solo albums, Search Party and To The Top.

Supporting Characters – Tribeca Teaser from Daniel Schechter on Vimeo.

What they’re saying…

Galland is as much a talented musician as he is a filmmaker… Search Party showcases Galland’s mellifluous voice and sweetly seductive melodies on tracks like “Sexy Girl” and “Desert Flowers”.
- Lizzie Crocker, Nylon Guys

Thousands of titles can be made for multi-talented people. We call them “jacks of all trades” or “renaissance men”… We can summarize it in one name: Jordan Galland.
- Kristine Dabbay, Status Magazine

In the age of cookie cutter superhero films and franchises, “Alter Egos” promises some real character analysis mixed in with fun mythology and the driest of humor.
- Alexandra Galkin, Interview Magazine

Jordan Galland is a force to be reckoned with.
Magda Kiros, ASCAP Playback Magazine

The world has seen its fair share of super hero movies, but we’re betting it hasn’t seen anything quite like “Alter Egos,” Jordan Galland’s new indie-comedy.
- Liza Darwin, Nylon

Devilishly suave melodies… The most striking aspect of Airbrush upon first listen is just how classy the whole affair sounds. Like if Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen and Rufus Wainwright were to all meet up for a swanky meal in a stylish, smoky jazz club. A delightfully mature, memorable and elegant solo-debut.
- Jack Pudwell, Subba Cultcha

Galland has crafted a work of sountrack-esque beauty in Airbrush… A highly recommended release from an especially talented fellow!
- Marilyn Roxie, A Future in Noise

Jordan Galland’s music is one-of-a-kind, blending a diverse range of styles into highly listenable pop. Vibrant horns and keys stand out over hints of “pop noir.”
- Lee Levin, Knox Road